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Seeing ourselves through the eyes of the horse.

Experience the power that touches the soul. Equine Assisted Learning shows you how.

Welcome to Discovery Trails Equine Connection, where you will have the freedom to discover your personal journey. We are located on the property of Romp n’ Roll Acres in Leduc County, just 20 minutes east of South Common in Edmonton on Highway 14 and close to South Cooking Lake, Sherwood Park and Beaumont with easy access to the Ministik Wildlife Sanctuary.

The use of horses in therapeutic settings has been in practice for generations. Horses were a critical part of our history, and by caring for them, humans learned courage, patience, understanding and responsibility. In the past 15 years, there has been a steady development in the use of horses in areas of emotional and developmental therapies and while there are many names for these therapies, they are all geared toward the mental and emotional aspects of our lives. Together, all the therapies call under the general heading of Equine Assisted Wellness.

Why We Use Horses

Horses are prey animals and as such, are very sensitive to their surroundings, the actions occurring around them and even the general atmosphere of their environment. Each horse has a unique personality and like humans, differ in their abilities, drives and motivations. Due to their nature, horses give immediate feedback to what is occurring and thus, reflect back to us their sense of who we are and what we are presenting… whether it is positive or negative.

How does it work?

  • Horses understand the need for social interactions. Being prey animals, they are also hyper-vigilant. They pick up emotions and feelings immediately, which Program Leaders use to assist the individual they are communicating with.
  • Unresolved conflicts can destroy relationships, especially families.  Equine Assisted Learning helps teach the participants how to manage those conflicts effectively.
  • Horses help our participants to manage conflict and stress, while helping them foster effective communication and leadership skills.
  • Researchers have determined that spending time with horses can ease the symptoms of Alzheimers dementia. Clients showed dramatic improvement in personality and calmness. This form of therapy provides a unique way to ease the symptoms without the use of drugs.

“Andrea had our young client up on Shiloh bareback and blindfolded.  Trust and abandonment are our young client’s main issues.  I was holding Shiloh as our young client felt unstable being blindfolded. I had one hand on Shiloh and one on our client’s knee.  Andrea gave her stones to hold…the first to pour her sadness and grief into for as long as she needed.  When she was done with it, the second stone was to receive the gifts she wanted, to pour her hopes and dreams into.

During the receiving part for our young client, I felt Shiloh begin to gently rock back and forth.  Just slightly, and so gently.  Had I not had a hand on each of them, I might have missed it, that is how subtle it was. Shiloh soothed her!  We asked her what Shiloh was saying. She said she felt peaceful under her.”

Would You Like To Learn More?

Although our website is currently under construction, we look forward to hearing from you! For questions or to arrange a visit to our facility, please contact us at:

(780) 722-2936

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